Photo: Jonathan Santos
The University of California, Santa Cruz
May 15-17, 2008


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Information for invited artists

Driving directly to UCSC ?
General directions to UCSC campus
Download the following maps to help navigate UCSC campus:
Parking (pdf)
about parking: you will need to purchase a parking permit at the kiosk at the base of campus ($5.50 per weekday, Saturday $2 or free, depending on lot). After visiting the kiosk, you will need to turn around, exit campus, turning right on High Street, and then turn right again to enter campus at the West Entrance. The best parking lots for Porter are 124 and 125. The best parking lot for Baskin Arts is 126. It is possible to walk between the two locations, but the walk involves stairs and hills.
We have an interactive map of the campus located at:
Also see:
Porter College (pdf)
Baskin Visual Arts (pdf)

To pay you an honorarium for your work, there is documentation you need to complete and send back to me; you should have already received these as e-mail attachments from Lindsay, with instructions on how to fill them out. If you have not received these files, contact interruptions.coordinator (at) gmail (d0t) com and Lindsay will send them again!

The attachments are in pdf and Microsoft Excel formats.

The Data Payment Record (204) is needed to get you into the accounting system at UC Santa Cruz:

Direct payment form is needed to pay you the honorarium:

If you are not a U.S. citizen, let Lindsay know right away as there is more documentation, and document copies, needed to pay you the honorarium. Please be advised that UC policy restricts payment of compensation to those individuals who carry either a social security number or a federal taxpayer I.D. number.

Post Travel form is needed to reimburse you for mileage, & you will be filling this out at the conference registration table. If you would like a copy ahead of time, do be in touch, but this doesn't apply to everyone, only to those with whom we've already discussed mileage reimbursement.

Note: Use mapquest of similar to calculate mileage.

Media Needs
If you are planning on using your laptop, please answer the questions below; this will guarantee we have what you need.

Planning a visit to one of the exhibitions?
Sesnon Gallery maps & directions
San Jose ICA maps & directions
LAB information & map

A note about registration:
If you are participating in the conference within an honorarium structure, please register as "Invited Artist," select all the meals you will be around for, and be sure you don't pay anything!

Planning to use public transportation during your stay in Santa Cruz?
Check out and




participating artist">
participating artist">