Photo: Jonathan Santos
The University of California, Santa Cruz
May 15-17, 2008

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Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking Art as Social Practice proudly presents a series of three exhibitions and a video program related to our conference panel themes.

Art and Life: creating networks
An examination of the role of art in creating community
"This Show Needs You," March 28 - May17, 2008 at the Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose

Subversive Complicity: community, protest and resistance
Exploring the artistís role as critic in global capitalism and local politics
Extended call! Download the pdf here. March 28 - May17, 2008 at the LAB, San Francisco

Interruption of Hierarchies: the academy and the gallery
How do the academy and the gallery impact interventionist art practices?
April 16 - May 17, 2008 at the Sesnon Gallery in Porter College, UCSC

The Show Starts on the Sidewalk is a projection series curated by Nomi Talisman and Bill Basquin. Please download the open call here for more information (submissions due 2-28-08).




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