Photo: Jonathan Santos
The University of California, Santa Cruz
May 15-17, 2008

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Interruption of Hierarchies: the academy and the gallery
May 15: 11am-1pm, Kresge Town Hall
How do galleries and academic institutions accommodate interventionist art's demands on audiences?
Panelists: Josh Greene, Shannon Jackson, Tina Takemoto, Nato Thompson and more
Moderator: Larry Rinder

Interventionist artists are increasingly creating works, which occupy sites well outside traditional art venues. Rather than the aesthetic and art historical, artistic investigation and research has become the focus of much of the works and draw on other disciplines, particularly those within the social sciences. Greater demands are made on audiences, moving them from the contemplative to an active engagement with the world and the everyday.

But, where does this leave galleries and the academy? What must they become in order to accommodate, and respond to interventionist works? As social practices become more mainstream, how are the roles of these spaces and professionals (particularly curators and critics) who work in this arena changing? Or are they threatened?

Exhibition: Interruption of Hierarchies at the Sesnon Gallery




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